Emergency Care

Dental emergencies come in different levels of severity. If you are experiencing symptoms such as an elevated temperature, difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing or limited opening you need to seek immediate treatment in a local hospital emergency room. It is in your best interest to pride a concise list of any health problems you have and a list of drug or medications you take regularly.

Severe pain of dental origin should be seen by your general dentists.  He/she will direct you to the appropriate person for diagnosis and treatment. It is not sound practice to prescribe drugs without a thorough clinical and radiographic examination.

You should contact our office if you are a patient of record, or if you have symptoms like: significant pain, bleeding from the gums, or localized swelling next to a tooth.

Our office hours are: Tuesday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm at (503) 230-7978.

Our after hours number is (503) 407-9929


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