Bone Grafting

Your teeth are held in place by the bone of your upper and lower jaws. Periodontal disease results in bone loss; which when left untreated results in tooth loss.  Your dentist should recognize the presence of bone loss and make suggestions on what you can do to save your teeth and stop the progression of bone loss.

There are a number of situations that allow us to grow back the bone around your teeth which has been taken away by periodontal infection and your body’s inflammation. The process of growing bone is called regeneration. Dr. Madison is specially trained in diagnosing bone loss and recommending the best treatment. Regeneration can grow new bone around your teeth so you can keep them for a lifetime.

The field of regeneration is one of the most recently developed and most largely researched in all of dentistry. The success rate of growing new bone is remarkable. A periodontist is specially trained to recognize if your type of bone loss can be reversed. There are a number of important conditions required for this treatment; you should seek treatment before it is too late. You don’t need to lose your teeth or be satisfied with therapy that doesn't improve your oral health.

If you are aware of bone loss and want to know more about how you can save your teeth, please call our office. 


The periodontist administers a local anesthetic and gently opens the area. The area is thoroughly cleaned, the roots are preconditioned for regeneration, the bone damage is repaired and bone grafting material is selected and placed in the area. Over the next several months; new bone will form in the treated area.

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