Our goal is to provide you with the most advanced care possible in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Toward that end, we use the most current periodontal procedures, instruments, medications, and sterilization techniques.

Every procedure is done with your comfort and safety in mind. We work closely with your general dentist to ensure you receive the best possible care. We want you to be completely informed of your condition and encourage you to ask any questions you may have regarding your treatment and care. Please feel free to ask questions before, during, or after any procedure.

After treatment, home care and medication instructions will be thoroughly explained. For your convenience, you will also be given printed instructions. Of course, we are always available for questions after treatment.

Patient Comfort

While no dental procedure is 100% comfortable, we go to great lengths to minimize any discomfort you might feel.  The following are some of the techniques we use to provide you with as comfortable an experience as possible.


Modern dentistry provides treatment which is greatly improved over the type of dentistry we first experienced. Many procedures are now pain-free. There remain some dental procedures that are not 100% pain-free and there are some patients who are afraid of just sitting in the waiting room.

Our office offers a unique experience for any patient. Our approach is to give you concise information regarding your oral health. Treatment is provided only with your absolute understanding of what will be done, what the objective is, what you will experience, what it will cost and how to best provide that treatment is given in the most comfortable manner for you.

Your well being and safety come first.

Dr. Madison’s chairside manner creates a comfortable experience in the dental chair. He answers all your questions and has a good sense of humor, often providing visual aids to help your understanding and only treats one person at a time; giving you his complete attention.

Injections of Anesthesia

Many dental procedures require some local anesthetic injections. We recognize this and take extra care when preparing a patient for local anesthetics.  Topical anesthetic gel is used to numb the area before anesthetic is administered. The anesthetic is given slowly and precisely. Our techniques ensure patients of minimal, if any, discomfort during this portion of care. We have several types of local anesthetic. So for patients that can not tolerate epinephrine, we have epinephrine-free anesthetic

It is also important to give our patients the length of time it takes to get numb.  There is no need to “tough it out”; we are not in a hurry. We are satisfied in treating you only when you tell us you are ready for treatment.


If you require additional care, we provide nitrous oxide and oral sedation for greater comfort. These agents are designed to reduce anxiety, provide relaxation and allow you to get back into your normal routine with no side effects. Nitrous oxide allows you to drive home and go back to work or continue on your day as usual. The oral sedatives we chose are short acting and are prescribed on a individual basis. Oral sedation requires a driver to bring you to your appointment and pick you up and some time to rest at home; generally just a few hours.

If you have any questions about anesthesia, please do not hesitate to discuss this with us.

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